Beyond investing in high quality manufacturing or the sustainability of our products in the form of purchasing volumes, we are very passionate about the sense of purpose and distinctiveness inherent in our designs and their origins, and it is with similar intensity that we support socially responsible projects as well.
We do so directly and personally on-site at our production facilities, which are characterised by long-standing, friendly collaboration.
We support working conditions on the ground locally without a lot of red tape, through our regular visits and our high quality standards, to continually improve these conditions together.
Whether in China, India or Vietnam—we believe we have a responsibility to our immediate surroundings.

Marienheim Hospice in Kaarst takes care of people who have an incurable, advanced illness and whose life expectancy is limited.
We support this warm and loving place with our projects and hope that our ongoing contribution enables the people there to experience a self-determined and dignified final stage of life.