The creative mastermind behind the brand STUFF MAKER is Jens Winterbauer.
In 2017 he began exploring his talent for design and created his own line of bags and accessories, which he first introduced at the 2018 Fashion Week in Berlin.

His many years of experience with large international companies is reflected in the material combinations and attention to detail. These are accessories that stand out from the crowd and have a solid instinct for trends.
STUFF MAKER’s target group is women who are confident in their identity and at ease in the world, who have fun with fashion and don’t take life too seriously. They wish to underscore their own unique style with extraordinary, high quality accessories and they appreciate the unusual. STUFF MAKER premium fashion is distinctive, cool, offbeat and absolutely wearable. It is easy-going, with a flair for trendsetting style that stands out from the crowd.
It is made with much love, passion and creativity.

The concept is a symbiosis of urbane nonchalance and aesthetic sophistication based on superior quality and innovative material combinations. Two global metropolises – Milan, with its refined nonchalance – and Hong Kong, with its overwhelming array of colours – have both provided a stage for the STUFF MAKER collection. And, not only are they among the most vibrant and bold fashion cities in the world, but they also serve as Jens’ second home.